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Add a military discount today and help a soldier save.  It only takes 30 seconds to help a fellow soldier.  This is one of the easiest things you can do today.  It feels good to give!  If you are a business add all of your locations.  Once you submit your discount we will review it.  It will not take long for it to show up.  Once your discount is live there will be thousands of people viewing it.  You can increase sales and give back at the same time.

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Tell Everyone About It

Add a military discount and tell everyone about it.  Come to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Let the community know about it.  You should get the credit you deserve.  If you are a business you can advertise with us.  There are no long term contracts.  We guarantee our results.  What do you have to lose?

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Continue Your Support

We are truly thankful that you told us about a military discount.  If you want to help even more there are opportunities.  You can advocate and volunteer.  Just contact us and we can discuss.  If you do not have much time to give that is OK.  Any support is appreciated.  We will give you the tools you need.  You can have a huge impact on the local and national community.

Bulk Discounts

Do you have a large list of military discounts?  That is great, we can handle that.  Just contact us for more details.  Our system can handle any size import file.  Just create a CSV file and we will import it.  Once it is imported we will review the discounts.  After the review the discounts will be live and the community can use them.  Bulk discounts will help people save a lot of money.