Military Discount Offer

//Military Discount Offer

Military Discount Offer

Who Should Offer One?

Every business should create a military discount offer.  It’s one of the easiest things you can do as a business to increase your loyalty and give back to the military community.  It also happens to be something that is easy to implement and easy to market.  Online and brick & mortar businesses can create a military discount offer very easily.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Increased customer loyalty.  Current and former military members will appreciate that you are recognizing their sacrifice and will be likely to return.
  • Increased customers.  The community will see your military discount offer and tell their friends about the it.  There is no more powerful advertising than word of mouth which this will create.
  • Increased sales.  Naturally shoppers will have an increased likelihood to purchase from you so your sales will increase.  You don’t have to create a military discount offer that will lose you money.

Why Offer It?

Besides financial reasons, it is important to create a military discount offer to show support for the men and women of the military.  Not only is it important to show support for current military members but veterans also.  The benefits of a military discount offer include community support which translates into more business and customer loyalty.  By creating a military discount offer you will show the community your support and in turn they will support you.

Where Should You Market It?

Free Options

There are many free options available to you so that you can get started.

  1. Post your military discount offer on a discount community.  Discount Soldier has one of the largest communities surrounding military discount offers so is a great place to start.  This exposure is completely free and will get your military discount offer in front of a lot of people.
  2. Post your military discount offer on military forums.  There are many forums out there with a lot of activity that you can post on for free to get the word out.  Some examples are:
  3. Tell people about it.  This is probably the simplest thing you can do.  Tell all of your friends, post an update to your Facebook page and tell customers who come into your store.  The more you believe in the military discount offer the more exposure you will give it.
  4. Create a Facebook page.  If you don’t already have a Facebook page create one.  If you do have a Facebook page make a post about your new military discount offer.  See the section on paid advertising for info on promoting the post.

Besides free options there are many paid avenues available.  These should be explored as they will increase your traffic dramatically.

  1. Create a press release.  This is a great way to gain exposure to other businesses and news outlets.  Your story may get picked up and appear on your local news station.
  2. Advertise on Facebook.  Using Facebook is a great way to reach your target audience which may be very narrow or broad.  If you only want to reach people in a certain region you can do that here.
  3. Put an ad in the newspaper.  You can put out an ad promoting a special military day and introduce people to your military discount offer.
  4. Create a landing page.  If you have an online presence you can create a special landing page for your new military discount offer.  This page can be shown to users as they enter the site for the first time.

Paid Options

When Should It Be Available?

It is ideal to honot the military discount offer year round.  This does not limit customers from taking advantage of it and will generate more revenue for your business.  You should also consider boosting exposure of your military discount offer on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.  Whatever money you spend normally you should triple for Veteran’s Day and at least double for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.  This will ensure that you get a lot of military traffic on the days leading up to those holidays, the holiday itself and the days to follow.  This can be a great time to really get the community involved and tell more people about your military support.

How To Tie It All Together.

  • Be passionate about having a military discount offer. You must show interest and a passion for supporting the men and women who have served and who currently serve.
  • Identify your audience. Are you going to focus more on veterans, current military or both?
  • Create the military discount offer. If you are an online retailer this should be very simple. If you are brick & mortar this may require a little more effort but should still be painless.
  • Market your military discount offer. Follow the steps above regarding where to market and you should be off and running.
  • Watch your sales and community support increase. You will see an increase in sales and customer loyalty as word spreads about the military discount offer you have.
  • Come up with new savings. As you get more experience with the military discount offer you should explore new avenues. You can start a loyalty program, a referral program or even a community of your own.
Military discount offer support a soldier

At the end of the day it is important to remember how precious life is.  The men and women who have served and who still serve are making a sacrifice for us every day.  It is our responsibility to give back even if it is a small amount every day.

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