History Of Veterans Day

//History Of Veterans Day

History Of Veterans Day

Honoring Our Veterans

Veterans day is an important American holiday that involves solemn memories and remembrance and also celebrations that include speeches, playing the National Anthem, and also hoisting of the American flag. On this day of the year, many citizens of the country look back at the fruitful and heroic service of many who have served at some point in the Armed Forces or those that still serve in the Armed Forces. It’s a day where many can say a big thank you for their service.

Veterans day was originally called the Armistice day and celebrated on November 11, 1919. It was formed due to the proclamation aimed at honoring the service or men of valor during the First World War by Woodrow Wilson. This date wasn’t a National Holiday until the Congress Act in 1938, which made it an important holiday. It continued to remain an important day for soldiers, sailors, and marines to remember their predecessors. The president then, Dwight D. Eisenhower, signed a bill which made clear that this day is to be important for the celebration of the selfless service of soldiers who participate in the American war.

This holiday continued to bear the name the Armistice Day for 35 years after It’s initial naming till the Congress itself decided to give it a new name on June 1, 1954. It was called Veterans Day. This holiday has maintained its name since then. The date though has witnessed some change over the years. It was changed to Monday the fourth October 1971 in order to make it comply with the Holiday Act Uniform Monday. It was done that way on the fourth Monday for seven years. In 1978, the decision to make this holiday on the fourth Monday was reversed and the holiday is now celebrated on the 11th of November. It has remained on that date ever since.

As common with some holidays, even though the holiday falls on November 11th, it is not always celebrated on that day. Many organizations which commemorate Veterans day observe it either on Friday or Monday if it falls on Saturday or Sunday.

As a national celebration, every year the veteran ceremony is held at the National Cemetery at Arlington. To celebrate this holiday, the president of the United States places a wreath on the Tomb of any soldier of choice. The celebration includes activities such as speeches from various dignitaries invited and colors from various organizations are also paraded.

Various school and other veteran organizations take part in this Veteran Day. Another tradition that is observed Involves the national parade which involves bands, marching by men and women who are still in service, speeches, and remembrances.

Indeed this is an important day to many American because it symbolizes a day when men and women can remember those who sacrificed their lives keeping their country free and safe and also people who have done great service to the country.

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