Restaurant Offers a Gun Owner Discount

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I ran across this and thought it would be great to share.  We all know about military discounts, but one restaurant decided to do something slightly different in northern Idaho.  Dueling Irons gives a 15 percent discount for gun owners.  This means if you are open-carrying or you have a concealed weapons permit you [...]

Are You Ready for Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is getting closer and Discount Soldier will be ready to have the most comprehensive list of military discounts.   ABC News detailed a story on military discounts and specifically talked about Discount Soldier.  Make sure to download the Discount Soldier app today!

Oregon Shooting Hero – Chris Mintz

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There has been a lot of press on the shooter of the Oregon college campus recently.  I wanted to take time to acknowledge a Veteran who put himself in harms way to save others during the horrific event. Chris Mintz is an Army Veteran.  During the shooting, according to multiple reports, he was [...]

Military Pay Up Only 1.3% in 2016

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Military pay for 2016 looks like it will be going up by 1.3 percent.  Congress agreed to the military pay amount in the defense authorization bill.  The White House has said they will veto the bill, but it seems like the raise amount will be the same once a final version is [...]

Military Pay in Jeopardy

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Military pay is again in jeopardy due to a potential government shutdown, according to a warning by the DoD.  The stalemate between both political parties has left this a real possibility next week. The warning came in form of a memorandum from Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work.  "During a government shutdown, all [...]

Is the New APFT Closer?

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The current United State Army Physical Fitness Test, otherwise known as the APFT, has been a measure of a soldiers physical readiness since the early 1980's.  The current test is comprised of 2-minutes of push-ups, 2-minutes of sit-ups and a 2 mile run (or alternate walk or bike events).  The current APFT doesn't require [...]

Military Appreciation Week Cheyenne Zoo

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The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado is offering a military appreciation discount this week.  Military service members and their families are eligible for a special military discount rate of $5.25 per person through September 20, 2015.  You must bring a military ID to be eligible.  Both active duty and retired service members [...]