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Westgate Resorts Military Discount Freebie

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Westgate Resorts, for the fifth straight year, is offering one of the best military discounts available.   Westgate Resorts are offering free vacations for United States military personnel and their families.  Any U.S. military veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and The War on Terror can receive a complimentary stay at [...]

2015 Veterans Day Discounts and Deals

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2015 Veterans Day discounts and deals include free food, services, haircuts and much more.  Discount Soldier will have the most comprehensive 2015 Veterans Day discounts and deals.  As Veterans Day approaches we will start listing even more offers.  We will also have exclusive offers that you will only find here.  If you want to [...]

Are You Ready for Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is getting closer and Discount Soldier will be ready to have the most comprehensive list of military discounts.   ABC News detailed a story on military discounts and specifically talked about Discount Soldier.  Make sure to download the Discount Soldier app today!

Oregon Shooting Hero – Chris Mintz

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There has been a lot of press on the shooter of the Oregon college campus recently.  I wanted to take time to acknowledge a Veteran who put himself in harms way to save others during the horrific event. Chris Mintz is an Army Veteran.  During the shooting, according to multiple reports, he was [...]

Military Pay Up Only 1.3% in 2016

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Military pay for 2016 looks like it will be going up by 1.3 percent.  Congress agreed to the military pay amount in the defense authorization bill.  The White House has said they will veto the bill, but it seems like the raise amount will be the same once a final version is [...]