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Military Discounts
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Our company mission at Discount Soldier is to help the men and women who are serving or have served save money and make those savings available for free. We want you to be a part of our mission. Join us in giving back today.
We personally verify all of our military discounts. When you use a discount it will work. We take pride in having the most verified discounts.
Great app that I will use every chance I get.. bravo zulu
Dalon Williams
Great App for Disabled Veterans, Retired Veterans, Medically Retired Veterans and Active Duty Military on a budget.
Vampirelibby Hodges
Alot of discounts for any branch of the military and non active veterans check it out.
Carl Demontigny
Great job. This is recommended for any Veteran. Thanks for putting this together.
Hunter Grissom
This app is very helpful. We like to suppoet companies that support military. Thank you!
Arlene Bird
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Start saving money right now with our extensive list of military discounts.  Download our military discount app for iOS or Android today and use the number one military discount app.  You will find military discounts in your area immediately.  The app is completely free and there are no in-app purchases.  Do not forget to help the military community by adding your military discounts.  The more the military community knows about, the more members can save.

Join Us

You can help our company mission by joining us.  Come join us on Facebook and Twitter.  You will find extra military discounts in the community.  You can tell other people about your military discounts also.  If you want to be more involved we can help.  Just contact us and we can show you how.  It will not take much of your time.  Don’t forget to tell your friends about Discount Soldier!

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Give Back

Help give back to the military community by telling us about your military discounts.  It will only take 30 seconds to add a new military discount.  You can add your discounts from the app.  Once we receive your discounts we will review them.  It will not take long for them to show up.  Then people can see your contributions and save even more.  If you are a business, create a military discount offer.  Once you do, tell people about it.

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